If your purchase went through, and payment was processed, you should have received a payment confirmation email directly from WarriorPlus/JVZoo and Paypal.  Before reaching out, please make sure that this link was not sent to a different email of yours.  Also, be sure to check your spam/junk folders

If you still cannot find the payment confirmation, please visit the JVZoo Customer Portal.  Once logged in, you will find the JVZoo payment ID at the top of the transaction details for each product.  For WarriorPlus you will find the purchase date and amount on each product's "Thank You For Purchase" page.  You can get here by clicking on your account name once you are signed in and choosing purchase history from the drop down menu.

Please Note If you received a PayPal receipt, but cannot locate your JVZoo payment confirmation this may simply be due to a delay with the 3rd party payment processing. JVZoo Support may be able to assist further in this situation as they have access to portions of the payment system that our Support Team does not.